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"It's easier to put on a pair of shoes than cover the earth in leather."

Recently I came across this quote which was attributed to Ghandi. I did a little digging and it seems that this was actually a little remix of a saying by the 8th century Indian philosopher Shantideva who said this; "Where would i find enough leather to cover the entire surface of the earth? But with leather soles beneath my feet, it's as if the whole world has been covered."

I love this. The point being, we can't make the "whole" world a safe space, but we can make "our" world a safe space and in so doing, make the "whole" world safe to us. If we have the necessary tools available to us to deal with whatever may come our way, then we don't need to worry about what will come our way. If we have the shoes, the terrain won't bother us..... And where does our world come from anyway? Our whole world exists in our mind - there is no "out there" really - it all stems from "in here" ie in our mind - and therefore, to change the world, to ensure we have the shoes, to ensure we have the tools, all we need to do is change our mind.

And what's the best way to do that......twice daily practise of Vedic Meditation.

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