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Anyone can learn. All can benefit.


Vedic Meditation is a very simple, effortless technique practised with eyes closed that allows the mind to naturally and spontaneously de-excite and the body to rest profoundly, creating a unique opportunity to unwind a lifetime of accumulated stress. Practised for 20 minutes twice a day sitting comfortably in a chair, Vedic Meditation is a culturally neutral, non-religious technique whereby beginners become experts almost immediately. 


Vedic Meditation is steeped in a history dating back over 5,000 years. The technique originated in India and came to the West via Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the famed guru who taught The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Mia Farrow amongst 100,000 others.  Maharishi trained Vedic master Thom Knoles, who in turn trained me in exactly the same way.


The answer is simple - the quality of our minds determines the quality of our lives.


And the quality of our minds is determined by two things;


1. How rested we are; and

2. How much stress we are carrying around in our physiology.


We traditionally look to sleep to provide rest, however, because our mind switches off during sleep, our body doesn't - which means sleep isn't actually all that restful.


When we practise Vedic Meditation on the other hand, because our mind stays alert, our body goes into a state of deep and profound rest, 2-5 times more restful than sleep.


Not only does the body go into a deep state of rest, it begins to unwind a lifetime of accumulated stress.


Imagine a car full of bricks trying to perform at its optimal level - that is how hampered the stressed out mind and body is.

When we practise Vedic Meditation, we unload the bricks, one by one (and avoid accumulating more bricks) effectively clearing the body of a lifetime of accumulated stress.


With each meditation, we gain deep rest, unwind a lifetime of accumulated stress, improve the quality of our minds and therefore, the quality of our lives.


Experience better health, vitality and immunity, reverse natural aging mechanisms, and heighten your ability to detect and reject toxins


Dissolve a lifetime of accumulated stress, increase resistance to stress, improve mental clarity and memory, get relief from depression and anxiety, cultivate more empathy, calmness, and contentedness


Access unbounded reserves of energy as you deplete accumulated stress with each meditation

Heart Lock and Crown_edited_edited.png

Improve relationships with your partner, friends, family coworkers by gaining a deeper capacity to support others as you eliminate stress


Eliminate insomnia, fall asleep easier, and experience more restful sleep


Increase adaptability, learn to stay-and-play instead of fight-or-flee, improve reaction time and broaden awareness

*The benefits of Vedic Meditation are all-inclusive. That is, whether you decided to learn to meditate because you wanted to sleep better, or alleviate stress, or be more present, Vedic Meditation can't help but give you all of the benefits listed above.


To learn Vedic Meditation, all you need to do is attend an intro talk and (4) 90-minute sessions held over 4 consecutive days that comprise the course. You will come away with both a deep practical and theoretical understanding  that will leave you completely self-sufficient to practise on your own for the rest of your life.


Notwithstanding the above, as a Vedic Meditator, your course fee allows you access to a worldwide network of Vedic Meditation teachers and the many free offerings they provide (group meditations, knowledge meetings etc) not to mention, you may re-sit the course as many times as you like. 

There is a principle in the Vedic Tradition that typically requires the payment of one weeks salary for initiation into the tradition. The idea behind the payment is to invoke the law of reciprocity - that is - for the student to offer willingly, something precious to them, in order to receive something that they will value even more. 



  • A free 45-minute introductory overview of Vedic Meditation.

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  • A 4-day course taught in 4x installments of 90-min each.

    1,000 US dollars
  • A 4-day course taught in 4x installments of 90-min each.

    800 US dollars
  • A 4-day course taught in 4x installments of 90-min each.

    4,000 US dollars

 *Fees are discretionary, so those who feel the standard course fee will not be meaningful and thereby satisfy the law of reciprocity discussed above may choose to pay more. In cases where people earn less than $1000 per week, scholarships are available on a case by case basis.


The course fee covers the 4 days of initiation and instruction and also includes the ability to re-take the course at any time in the future at no cost and opens the door to the plethora of offerings put on by Vedic Meditation teachers around the world.



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